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Wladimir Schall - 42'37'' | Limited Cassette


Image of Wladimir Schall - 42'37'' | Limited Cassette



From new sister label AmiciMiei: 42’37’’ composed and interpreted by Wladimir Schall.

Been really looking forward to get this one out!

42’37’’ is forty-two minutes and thirty-seven seconds long

Track 7 is named Sept

42’37’’ is filled with sounds and silences

Track 4 is named Quatre

42’37’’ is an imaginary musical seascape where time is in suspension

One can listen to 42’37’’ for 34’22’’ or any other length

42’37’’ is composed by Wladimir Schall and released on parisian label AmiciMiei

Wladimir Schall is a composer, orchestrator and Musique Concretist from Paris who is obsessed with loud silences, digital despair and Erik Satie.
His research is at the intersection of conceptual art, intangible sculptures and the refining of acoustic non/senses.
Touching both the fields of digital immediacy and analog evanescence, Wladimir Schall spreads schall like spores.

Limited Edition Cassette Release. 120 copies.

Release Date: January 21, 2021